Formula for Success
Our Process

Our process applies to many of our projects, but we understand that each project may come with its own set of standards and predetermined guidelines.

Step 1: Assessment
We open our minds and dig deep into your industry and learn about what you’re trying to accomplish. We ask a lot of questions in order to better understand your goals, competitors, and business plan.

Step 2: Planning
With the knowledge gained from the assessment phase, we morph that into a realistic action plan. At this time we construct a project time line, budget, key information contacts, approval process, and a clear set of expectations for both your team and ours.

Step 3: Creation
Using the strategies from the planning phase, we create the design.
Our minds don't stop working until we’ve found the best solutions to accomplish the project goals.

Step 4: Building
The project is now designed, coded, proofed, refined, and enriched based on the design, concept, and agreed solutions from the creation phase.

Step 5: Deployment
At this point, the project is extensively reviewed and checked by various members of the collaborative team until we have the final proof and approval for live deployment. This includes thorough user testing, quality assurance, and browser compatibility testing.

Step 6: Analysis
With the live solution in place, we review its effectiveness and make corrections if needed. Utilizing tracking tools, we continually monitor results and growth over time.

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