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Company Overview

Design Us All LLC was founded in Duluth, Minnesota by Peter Merrill.

To celebrate our success and the overwhelming support given by our hometown we chose to display its beautiful cityscape as our website background and show how it progresses throughout the day.

Design Us All came into fruition after we had grown tired of hearing about companies that were limiting their clients by charging over-the-top rates for their services.

Our company may be young, but we strive to exceed our clients' expectations on a daily basis through candor and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Why Us?

Design Us All is a full service smartphone application and website development company specializing in progressive design, development, and maintenance.

We'll take on any challenge no matter how large or complex. You will also find that we are among the most competitively priced and will confidently match any price that a competitor places on your project. Simply contact us to hear our honest bid.

Our skills in development have been proven time and time again! We like to develop a close-knit relationship with each of our clients as we work to execute their goals. As an added benefit, we provide assistance in maintaining and enhancing their applications so that they can focus all of their energy on expanding their business.

We hope that you let our creative juices run wild with your next project.

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Meet the CEO

Design Us All LLC CEO - Peter Merrill
Peter Merrill
Peter discovered his artistic abilities while in high school when he was asked to join a local band. During his time in the band, he assumed the responsibility of maintaining and designing the band's MySpace profile.

This sparked his interest in digital design and he then decided to teach himself how to build websites. The first website that he created became an instant success, it grew to 2,000 members in its first 6 months and was featured in local newspapers.

The success of his first website encouraged him to continue to improve his design skills. Over the next 4 years, he contributed to the creation of over 20 new websites.

A few years later Peter moved to Duluth, MN to pursue a Marketing degree at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. After completing one year there he was hired as a web designer and mobile application developer for a local design agency.

While working for this design agency, Peter picked up many valuable skills and decided to start his own digital media company.

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